The Green Card Lottery – American Diversity Visa 2018

Have you ever considered leaving everything you own and moving across the other side of the world? Well that’s what I decided to do when in October 2016 I decided to enter the American Diversity Visa 2018 Program, also known as the ‘Green Card Lottery’, and first time lucky; success!

From slight research, this was the only chance I had to be able to live/work in the US having never been to University in Australia, or meeting any other Visa criteria besides a Holiday Visa.

I have read I had a 0.4% chance worldwide, or 5% chance in Australia, and I guess this was my lucky year. After applying for multiple and many opportunities, positions, and experiences at work this year and continuously being knocked back, which was unusual from my past career path, it surely had to be fate for this.

Personnel were selected 02 May 2017 and it wasn’t until I remembered to check on 05 May 2017 whilst on promotion course in Sydney that I was greeted with this letter! I immediately called my friends who had also applied, although unfortunately were unsuccessful, and it wasn’t until then I realised my luck and what could be coming up for me.

Over the past two weeks I have completed my DS-260 and been doing all the research I can. If anyone is looking for a one-stop shop for details I found has helped me the absolute most to figure out what is going on!

Going off my case number (in the 300’s for Oceania), and previous years statistics, I should be looking for my visa interview to be around October/November 2017 before I get the all clear.

Has anyone out there previously been successful with the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, or do we have any other lucky selectees out there for this year?

Leave a comment and let me know your story, advice, or any questions you have that I may be able to answer?