I thought I’d write a brief post on what simmiandthesea.com is and where it’s coming from!

As stated in my Hello World! post, my name is Simmi, I am 25 years of age and am currently a sailor in the Royal Australian Navy.

I have been enlisted for over 6 years now and have found a huge love for travel, and hope that one day I would be able travel for 50% of the year, or even better, for a career!

These posts will provide travel info and advice I have gathered along the way to help anyone else out there, and I would love to hear of your experiences as well so let’s connect!

I have been lucky enough for work to travel to locations such as: USA; Guam, and Hawaii, Japan; Yokosuka (too many times to count), and Sasebo, South Korea; Busan, France; Paris, and all over Australia; Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, and Perth. Holidaying: USA; Hawaii, Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia; Bali, Thailand; too many locations to count, Vietnam; from the North at Hanoi, down to the South at Ho Chi Minh City, Canada; Banff, and Sri Lanka; inland, East, South and West (no North unfortunately!). I feel I may have forgotten some locations but will update if I do remember any!

I will delve into these locations over time, if there is any you’d like me to post about sooner rather than later just let me know I can give you all the inside goss ASAP!

All content is written by me; Simmi, as well as photos taken by me, in which I have no specific or professional training, so what you see is what you get!