A day in the life of a Hawaiian pro surfer

To begin with, I’m not Hawaiian, and I’m not a pro surfer… But we can only dream right! (But it was questioned by a local!)

Hawaii being a location so close to my heart, a place I’ve only been to a few times yet it feels like a piece of me was bred there, is my planned #1 stop on my Green Card Lottery journey.

Okay, so I know Donald Trump is the current US President, but what better place to begin my US journey than the home of Barack Hussein Obama II! ..And the fact my US friends live in Hawaii and I needed to start with an address. But this place is the epitome of paradise island and hey, I won’t say no to returning to this second home of mine.

I visited Hawaii twice in 2014, one personal holiday, and by chance again for work that year. One I arrived by the amazing Hawaiian Airlines, and one I arrived by a Royal Australian Navy ship. Both great trips in themselves I might add!

From visiting the famous Duke on Waikiki beach, to surfing with turtles, to visiting the home of Jurassic Park at Kualoa Ranch, and eating pineapple ice cream at the Dole Pineapple Plantation, this island/state of the US, has felt like a second home ever since.

The funny thing is the city I now live in in Australia, Cairns, is what I always call the Australian version of Hawaii, yet I did read today it has the climate of Florida, which is #2 on my Green Card Lottery list!

Travelling to Hawaii we tried to cover all avenues that the island of Oahu had to offer. Waikiki; for the shops, the bars, the food (Cheesecake Factory mmm..), but also the $10 an hour surfing (which had turtles popping up next to us right on the main beach!), North Shore; again for the surfing, the quiet roads, and hanging with the locals, Pearl Harbour; the history, our friends, and don’t forget the duty free shopping centre we had access to!, and last but not least Paradise Cove Luau; which we learnt the ways and traditions of the locals, a must!

For majority of our travels we did the all time girl dream, coasting the island in a drop top jeep, in which we stayed at hotels, backpackers and our friends homes. Next I think I’d like to see how the Air BnB’s in the area are, and somehow figure out what the rent is like!

But what I’d like to hear from you is what your top 3 things are to do in Hawaii, more hiking and surfing is on my return list, where would your next US location be, and what actually is the rent like in Hawaii!

Until next time, Mahalo!